Delaware County Arts Grant

The Roxbury Arts Group is proud to administer the Delaware County Arts Grant, a re-grant program of the New York State Council on the Arts, in Delaware County. Delaware County Arts Grant funds are used to support projects in three areas: Community Arts, Creative Learning, and Individual Artist. Applicants to this grant can receive up to $5000 of funding.

The Roxbury Arts Group is proud to be a part of the Statewide Community Regrant Program of NYSCA since 1986. The SCR program funds the Delaware County Arts Grants and all its programs, events and artists involved. The Roxbury Arts Group would like to thank all of its applicants through the years for keeping the arts an integral part of Delaware County.

Community Arts grants constitute the majority of DEC re-grant activity. These grants provide support for arts and cultural projects to community-based organizations, groups, collectives or artists. Community Arts Grant support enables emerging artists and organizations to grow professionally and to enhance the cultural climate in communities and neighborhoods where they live and operate.

Creative Learning grants support the role that local cultural organizations and/or individual artists play in engaging K-12 public school students, students in After-School programs, and students of all ages in Community-based Centers in rich artistic learning experiences. Arts Education funds are directed to cultural organizations and/or artists working in partnership with public schools or organizations. After-school and community-based learning place the emphasis on the depth and quality of the creative process through which participants learn through or about the arts. Projects must take place in schools and center on the development and implementation of sequential, skills-based study that incorporates one or more art forms and includes a minimum of 3 hands-on learning sessions with students.

Individual Artist grant opportunities represent a “live & work” investment in local artists. An essential element of this funding is the inclusion of the community artist’s project and a reflection of community life, culture, and/or engage local communities. Grants awarded to applicants in the Individual Artist Category are viewed as a partnership between the applicant artist, the Roxbury Arts Group, and the benefiting community members. Due to this fact, all applicants to the Individual Artist Category must contact the Roxbury Arts Group directly at 607.326.7908.

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2024 Project Awardees

3-day Workshop on Glass Mosaic Creation

The Hancock Community Education Foundation offers a 3-day workshop on Glass Mosaic Creation by artist Emily Jablon. This workshop is for sixty After School Program K-9 students. The workshop will take place on April 24, 25 and 26 with an exhibit displaying mosaic art for parents and community members on April 26 at 5p at Hancock Elementary School.

Arts Inn Collective

Arts Inn Collective in Fleischmanns hosts the 3rd Annual H&R Vaudeville Variety Show on May 26th, with children’s show at 1p, and the Variety Show continues from 5:30-11p with artists of many disciplines including musicians, poets, dancers, and puppeteers. Performances include life-sized puppets presented by the Arm of the Sea Theater, authentic Mexican music by Mariachi Aztecs de Playa a la Orden, local artist Adam Ippolito and the Elderly Brothers, a fire performer and poetry readings from both local and NYC poets. After dark, music will accompany the pyrotechnic performer, marking a fiery ending to the Festival Day.


A Space Age Museum Pop-Up Exhibit

Peter Kleeman presents a free exhibition in the Galli Curci Theater in Margaretville of 30+ human-size robot sculptures built between the 1930s and 1990s, showcasing the cultural history of the Space Age. The exhibit will be on view June 1 through July 9. These sculptural android figures made from various materials range in height and will be accompanied by a slideshow presenting hundreds of rare vernacular photographs. The exhibit invites viewers to explore how the robotic form influences their views of the world and humanity’s relationship with technology— particularly as AI, automation, and robotics increasingly infuse everyday life.

Catskills Old-time Music in the Mountains 

Catskills Old-time Music in the Mountains will be hosting a series of monthly open jams at Wayside Cider taproom in Andes starting Sunday June 26, 3-4:30p. This inclusive atmosphere is open to any stringed instrument players of any level wanting to play with others in the fun. The jam will start with a 30 minute workshop where players will learn a tune slowly by ear, break down the chords and talk about how to jam, followed by a 1 hour facilitated jam session. 

Maintenance of the Species

Edited by Iris Cushing and Alexandra Egan, and featuring the work of local artists and writers, Maintenance of the Species (MotS) is a publication that explores life in Delaware County through the lens of caretaking (broadly and creatively defined. Each issue of the publication will be launched with a reading event at Bushel Collective in Delhi featuring presentations from contributors. The first exhibition will be June 29, 6-7:30p.

Weaving Club

Participants are invited to engage in the ancient craft of handweaving as a practice in embodiment during 8 free workshops led by Isabella Amstrup at Bushel Collective during June – September. Each workshop explores different types of looms and a variety of materials, building a continuous narrative through the series. Participants  are encouraged to attend all workshops or as many you can. An interactive culminating exhibition will be on display at Bushel Collective.

Stamford Zine Workshops

In partnership with Land of Strangers in Stamford, Emma Apicelli will offer workshops on zine history and creation on June 29 (for ages 10-17), and June 30 (for ages 18+), culminating in an exhibition on July 6 at the Carriage House in Stamford, NY.

BIRDHOUSE Dance Residency and Workshops

Pillow Fort Arts Center offers an open-level mediational movement workshop with NYC-based dance/performance collective BIRDHOUSE at Bushel Collective in Delhi led by BIRDHOUSE director Raven White on June 30, 12-2p. This will be followed by BIRDHOUSE’s residency, where community members will be invited to join the collective for their morning improv sessions at the dance deck at Pillow Fort Arts Center in Andes, from July 1 through July 5, from 9-11a. The residency ends at the center with a public showing on their dance deck on July 6, 1p. The collective works collaboratively on all creations; in this residency, each member will create a small piece that will be combined for the showing.

On & About Main Street Margaretville

ArtUp Gallery will collaborate with artist Gary Mayer to create a mural of various locales and points of interest in Margaretville for Zada’s on Main Street and an online publication. The mural will be unveiled on July 6.

Open Studios Tour

The free, self-driving 2024 Open Studios Tour, organized by AMR Artists, from July 26-28, covers eight towns in Eastern Delaware County and invites visitors to explore the personal spaces and processes of 53 local artists and five galleries. New this year is the Margaretville Creative Hub at Galli Curci Theater where nine artists present works and engage with visitors despite not having an accessible home studio. The Andes Hotel is hosting the Student Art Show, showcasing the works of local school students. Also new for 2024 is the Awe, Wonder, and Creativity Workshop Series, inspired by Kathleen Sweeney’s project “The Book of Awe,” set to take place on August 14, 31, and September 14 at her home studio in Roxbury. The year will conclude with the 3rd Annual Exhibition, also at the Galli Curci Theater, running September 20 to October 6.

Mountain Madness

Mountain Madness presents a free immersive theatrical event at Kirkside Park in Roxbury on August 3, 6p and August 4, 2p. On August 3 there will be a picnic catered by Cat Morrison with locally sourced food for purchase. The barn will be transformed into their version of the Hubble Space Telescope, and audience members walk through Kirkside Park with the company as they perform when “Jack Met Jill,” a one-act play that transports characters from the beloved nursery rhyme into modern life and all the challenges of love, life, death and destiny. For younger audiences, Mountain Madness will partner with Andes Public Library and present a story and craft project on the modern beekeeper and “our edible landscape”.  

The Book of Awe Project

On Saturday August 3 4-7p, Diamond Hollow Books and Gallery in Andes will host a photo chapbook launch and opening celebration for a multimedia exhibition of The Book of Awe Project, a multi-year research and creative endeavor by ecoartivist Kathleen Sweeney. The Book of Awe: Wandering and Rewilding is an exploration of naturescapes in Iceland, Ireland, and the Catskills and documents the author’s experiences of visual wonderment through original photography and prose poetic lore. In addition to the book launch, her solo exhibition of photography, plant pigment monoprints, watercolors, birch bark books, collages and mixed media sculptures will be on view at Diamond Hollow Books through September 8.

Amy Randall

“Knot Hollow – Good Choices Make Lousy Stories,” a collection of adventures recounted by Amy Randall, will be performed at Birdsong Farm on August 10. As she recounts of her project, “I was a reluctant farmer, heartbroken and clueless. But I learned, under the watchful eye of an old farmer who lived down the road, how to grow asparagus and a spine. How to raise quality livestock and tender-hearted boys. He told me to fess up when I lied and cast off my exhausting commitment to self-pity. I almost died. I learned nature always wins. And I guess, most importantly, I learned to accept and forgive. Myself and everybody else.’

The Ballad Tree

Gloaming Project presents The Ballad Tree at Kirkside Park in Roxbury on August 16 & 17 at 6:30p and August 18 at 4p. Inspired by Appalachian ballads – old English, Scottish, and Irish folk songs carried over to early North America – the ballads are presented through live music, song, dance, and puppetry. The Ballad Tree embraces the oral tradition of ballads while acknowledging their journey of modification with new interpretations and inspirations. Focusing on the romantic “Murder Ballads” the songs will include both popular and lesser-known ballads as well as original ballad-inspired music and dance. 

The Hobart Rotary 

The Hobart Rotary presents an afternoon and evening of free jazz, rock, and blues at the 2024 Sausage and Brew Festival on August 24.

Creating Games and Crafts from the Past 

Creating Games and Crafts from the Past, a fun family event sponsored by the Colchester Historical Society will take place on September 2 from 1-4p at the Shinhopple Memorial Center, Shinhopple, NY.

Into The Dyepot

In two workshops, Tabitha Gilmore-Barnes will guide 24 attendees through the excitement of dyeing locally sourced wools using toxic free Jacquard Acid Dyes and Indigo Dye Kit at Birdsong Community Garden on September 13 & 20 from 9:30a-2p.

Ethan Fox 

Roxbury musician Ethan Fox will offer a series of free world-drumming workshops for the students of Roxbury Central Schools.


GG Stankiewicz will present ECOSCAPE, new paintings and works on artist-made paper inspired by the native plants and fungi living in the Delaware County landscape. An exhibition will be on view at the Sidney Memorial Public Library from October 5-November 30 with an opening reception and closing reception, with an artist talk on November 30, 1-3p.

Folk Art in Fiber

Immerse yourself in the fibers of the Catskills and learn how the artists conceive of and carry out their creations during this exhibit organized by Catskills Folk Connection at the Delaware County Historical Association, starting October 18 through November 24, that celebrates Delaware County residents’ expressions in fiber, featuring the work of knitters, crocheters, home sewers, quilters, weavers, spinners, embroiderers and more.

Amy Masters

Arkville artist Amy Masters will develop  a new body of paintings based on the concepts of HOUSE, HOME, SHELTER and COMMUNITY. The work will be exhibited at 1053 Gallery in Fleischmanns accompanied by an artist talk during the exhibit.

Tritown Theatres production of “Beauty and the Beast”

Tri-Town Theatre will present four live performances of “Beauty and The Beast” featuring local non-professional adult and child actors with a full, professional orchestra at the Sidney High School Auditorium October 24-27.

Co-Creations on the Farm with the Vegetal Landscape

Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower of Plant Pioneers will be exhibiting four types of art methods that pick-up Plant frequencies as relatable impressions. She will follow both farmer and Plant over a period of five months photographing, recording and documenting these techniques and Lady Cannabis’ response to the farmers’ activities. Delaware County farmers will be able to experience this work on August 4  as there will be a special opening at Raven’s View Genetics in Delhi,  5-7pm. A one-week exhibit will be at Bushel Collective in Delhi from November 9-17 with a 3-hour workshop to learn the process on opening night, November 9, 6-9p. 

Allegory of Justice

Ceramicist Anna Sea will be creating “Allegory of Justice,” a hand-built, hand-painted ceramic tile mural, which will be displayed December 14, 10a-5p, at the Franklin Guest House (Franklin, NY), during a ceramics show and sale called “For the Love of Clay”, which coincides with Franklin’s Holiday Stroll (a yearly event of holiday open houses and celebrations in the village). The theme is inspired by the timeless symbolism of justice embodied by a woman holding scales in one hand and a sword in the other. With this work she aims to pay homage to centuries-old allegorical representations, and ceramic tile painting and techniques that artisans have been practicing for millenia.


Hobart artist Rianna Pauline Starheim will host an open house to showcase photos and essays on caregiving created with her grandmother Ruth Rose Many on December 23rd. Works of art created by their larger family will also be shown, including some of the more than 50 quilts Ruth has made, paintings by her father Ralph Rose, stained glass by her daughter Elaine, music by her son Dana, hand-painted dishes by various family members, and more.