Dear Friend of the Roxbury Arts Group,

We are entering the performance season for the Roxbury Arts Group. You should have already received in the mail the schedule of events planned for this year. We hope it is just as you would expect – interesting, stimulating and enriching as well as surprising. We strive with this programming to create opportunities to personally engage – to connect with others around artistic endeavors – to expand and learn – and to introduce the next generation to the fun and excitement of the arts.

For 39 years, as a community, we have nurtured, molded and transformed RAG. It is respected by our granting organizations on the federal, state, and local levels and s the communities we serve. There is a great deal of pride in this accomplishment.

Next year we will celebrate our 40th Anniversary, and we will celebrate! We will honor our history, our stories, our memories. Planning is under way and we will be asking for your involvement as the time nears.

We are committed to continuing to bring the arts and community together. The number of artists willing and eager to engage with a larger community is growing. One of the pillars of the Roxbury Arts Group is to serve that connection.

Our hope is that you will participate with a contribution to the Spring Fundraising Appeal. The support you give and the pride you feel for RAG keeps us moving forward and able to continue to make the arts an integral part of our Catskill communities. You can make your tax-deductible donation today by completing the form below, calling our Administrative Office at 607.326.7908, or by mailing your donation to the Roxbury Arts Group at PO Box 93, Roxbury NY 12474.

Thank you in advance for your donation. We look forward to seeing you this season.





Elaine Grandy
Board President

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You can also mail your contribution to Roxbury Arts Group, PO Box 93, Roxbury, NY 12474, or make a contribution by phone by calling our office at 607.326.7908. Thank you for your support! All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.