The Roxbury Arts Group offers high-quality arts programming at our three venues, The Roxbury Arts Center in Roxbury NY,  the Old School Baptist Church in the Denver-Vega Valley, and at the Headwaters Arts Center on Main Street in Stamford.

The Roxbury Arts Group also administers the Delaware County Arts Grant Program that provides funding to non-profit organizations and artists within Delaware County for special projects and programs.

Our Staff

Jenny Rosenzweig
Executive Director
Jenny has been at the helm of the Roxbury Arts Group since 2011. With a deep passion and appreciation for the arts, Jenny is committed to making opportunities for artists and arts engagement available in the rural communities that the Roxbury Arts Group serves.

Ursula Hudak
Creative Opportunities Coordinator
Ursula is honored to be able to facilitate creative opportunities throughout Delaware County and beyond. Though specializing previously in art historical research, she finds community engagement and interacting directly with artists, as opposed to just reading about them, the most rewarding. In her free time she enjoys pottery and happy-crying in museums.

Rachel Condry

Presenting Program Manager
Rachel manages presenting artists – concerts, theater, dance, etc. When she is not working for us she plays clarinet, composes and dreams new futures with her Deep Listening Practices.

Joshua Weitzner
Headwaters Program Manager headwaters@roxburyartsgroup.org Josh grew up on a sandbar in the Atlantic ocean. Since abandoning his dream of being an astronaut at age 8 he has spent the rest of his life figuring out what he wants to be when he grows up. Josh loves the arts in all their many forms, even when he falls asleep mid performance of Parsifal. He is also an interior firefighter with the Stamford Fire Department.  

Rod Sauquillo
Community Engagement Specialist
Celebrating creativity and fostering collaboration is what Rod is passionate about! And as Engagement Coordinator, Rod thrilled to find ways to bring more of the arts in all its many forms, into our community.

Board of Directors

Lillie Dudley
Roxbury, NY

Ted Hannan
Halcottsville, NY

Barbara O’Sullivan
Andes, NY

Gregory Reece
Stamford, NY

Carey Wagner
Roxbury, NY


Sara Stone, President
Halcottsville, NY

Andrew Weiss, Vice President
Margaretville, NY

Bill Berg, Treasurer
Roxbury, NY