June 1 – July 6 Just One Thing After Another: Works by Polly Law and Christie Scheele

in the Walt Meade Gallery
of the Roxbury Arts Center
5025 Vega Mountain Road
Roxbury NY
Artist Reception: Saturday, June 1, 4:00p
Sponsored by Roxbury Wine & Spirits

The Roxbury Arts Group is excited to exhibit the works of two artists, working in two different mediums, together in a new exhibit at the Roxbury Arts Center. Just One Thing After Another: Works by Polly Law and Christie Scheele opens with an Artist Reception on Saturday, June 1 at 4:00 pm in the Walt Meade Gallery located at the Roxbury Arts Center.

Polly Law is an artist using humble materials such as illustration board, acrylic paint, buttons and wire to achieve elegant and sophisticated effects in the creation of beautiful paper dolls. She manipulates forms and employs pattern, rich color and symbolic gesture to explore attachment, spirit, desire, and revelation. The act of sewing the pieces together and adding sewn embellishments puts her work into the realm of the other. Each piece is a small theatre for private dramas. In addition to her paper dolls, Law will also exhibit pieces from her newly created ‘Woodnymph’ monotype series that places her firmly in the figurative realm but also reiterates her bend towards the metaphysical.

Christie Scheele, known for her paintings of atmospheric, minimalist landscapes and meditative pieces cross the boundaries between realism and the contemporary art world, reaching the viewer’s heart without sentimentality or melodrama. Much of her signature imagery comes from the beaches and marshes of the Cape and Islands; the mountains, creeks and fields of the Catskills region; the Hudson River; and the roadways that connect all of these places. In this exhibition, in addition to Scheele’s traditional works the Roxbury Arts Group will exhibit some of Scheele’s more non-traditional canvases as well as her newer explorations – monotypes that are sourced from a contemporary mindset that goes beyond the subject matter.

“We have long admired Polly’s and Christie’s work as exemplary in their respective mediums” says Jenny Rosenzweig, Executive Director of the Roxbury Arts Group. “We are excited to exhibit the works of these two artists, who are both friends and colleagues, as they explore new avenues of their extraordinary creativity.”

Gallery hours at the Roxbury Arts Center are Tuesday through Saturday, from 10am-3pm. Just One Thing After Another will be on view through July 6, 2019.