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Youth Media Makers Camp

February 19 February 23

66 Main Street
Stamford, NY 12167 United States

During Winter Break, the Headwaters Arts Center is offering Media Makers Camp with Teaching Artist Christina Hunt Wood. The programs being offered are described below. The suggested registration fee for each camp is $50 per camper for the 5-day camp, however you may pay-what-you-wish when you register for the camp using the form below.

Morning Session 9-11:30a

Calling young creators ages 8 to 11 for an unforgettable journey where you’ll unleash your creativity, develop storytelling skills, and dive into the world of audio arts!  

The camp will introduce kids to the exciting world of audio arts, teaching them the basics of sound recording, editing, and production. They will learn how to use audio equipment, software, and techniques to create quality audio content. Throughout the camp, children will develop crucial teamwork and collaboration skills by working together on various creative projects, including a final podcast episode.  

As a culmination of their learning experience, the group will collaborate to produce their very own podcast episode. This will involve scripting, recording, basic editing, and the creation of engaging audio content. Each participant will have the opportunity to contribute to the podcast in a unique way, whether through narration, voice acting, sound effects, or music. 

They will learn to appreciate diverse perspectives and combine their talents to achieve a common goal! 

Afternoon Session 1-3p

Young artists aged 12-17 are invited to embark on an exciting creative journey, diving into multiple digital mediums to craft a unique, limited-run podcast from inception to release. In this immersive experience, student will not only explore different digital avenues but also engage in collaborative efforts to produce their very own show. Students will: 

  • Dive into various digital mediums, encompassing audio recording, editing, and design. Cultivate proficiency in these areas through hands-on experiences with equipment and software. 
  • Sharpen storytelling skills, from selecting compelling themes to crafting captivating narratives. Learn the art of audience engagement and leave a lasting impact through the power of storytelling. 
  • Explore the visual dimension of podcasting by creating eye-catching cover art and crafting enticing show descriptions. Uncover the secrets of making a podcast visually appealing and unforgettable. 
  • Collaborate with your peers to breathe life into the podcast series. Master the art of teamwork, communication, and negotiation while working together to craft something uniquely exceptional. 

By the end of this program, students will emerge as a budding multimedia artists, equipped with a comprehensive skill set and a limited-run podcast that showcases your creative talents!