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Performance Mentorships with Sloan Wainwright

December 30, 2023 All day

Interested in expanding your performing capabilities? Mentorships with Sloan Wainwright are available to support creatives all around singing, songwriting and stage craft. Mentorships consisting of five 1-hour sessions will be arranged at the convenience of both parties. Zoom sessions are available, as well as home-visits. Space is limited, and mentees will be selected based upon our ability to meet your needs and goals. Applications for mentorship will close December 30, 2023. Apply on the form linked below.

Sloan Wainwright is a songwriter, singer, performer, teacher, mentor and collaborator. A unique hybrid of pop, folk, jazz and blues, Wainwright’s music is unified by her melodious tone and rich, powerful contralto. Over the course of a 30-year career in music, she has played the great concert halls, the most storied listening rooms and top music festivals while also teaching at the nation’s leading music retreats. She has inspired hundreds of students on their creative journeys and collaborated with dozens of musicians, writers, choreographers and performers. Now, standing on the foundation of a rich and diverse career, Wainwright is tapping into fresh material as she continues to provide transformative, healing, and energetic experiences for her audiences. Always looking to grow as an artist, these days Wainwright is pursuing new collaborative partnerships, exploring traditional music, and developing fresh avenues for teaching and mentorship.  

Possible focuses of these mentorships include:

– Singing with your Heart, Body and Soul

With an emphasis on vocal health and self care using a combination of vocal warm-ups and work outs, Sloan will offer support for each individual around getting to know their voice and how to use it and how to develop a simple, personal, and compassionate vocal practice. Bring a song – any song and let’s figure out together what’s working and what could get better!

– Swimming In The River Of Your Song

We will spend time together splashing around in the magic of creating songs / poems / essays / prose from a place of freedom, flow and fun. We will explore the creative process around where songs come from and how to get started. Bring what you’re working on. An idea. A beginning, a middle or an end.Let’s write that song.

– Find Joy On Stage  

How to find your calm and peaceful center in the eye of the storm….in the eye of the energy of expression. How to claim space on stage and be in the beautiful and exciting moment of performing. Exploring the world of “owning it”! Experience being your authentic self and in the flow with an audience. Releasing your inner strengths to savor the moment so you can perhaps remember your performance instead of the memory being erased by nervousness. Sloan will provide a safe and supportive atmosphere all  around performance. Song selection, intros, elements of taking care of yourself on and off stage, tools for preparing, practicing, facing and engaging happily with an audience.

“They say you stand a chance of being a good musician if you first become a good human being. Sloan is a wonderful singer and all-round musician, and as a teacher really overlaps into the role of a life coach ~ she has given skill and confidence to so many.”  

~ Richard Thompson

Performance Mentorship Request Form

Interested in applying to be mentored in performance by Sloan Wainwright? Please enter more information here so we can get a grasp on your needs.

Sloan is available to support creatives all around singing, songwriting and stage craft.
You or your organization must be based in Delaware County.
Applicants must confirm that they understand this is a free, five-session commitment with Sloan Wainwright. Mentorship dates are flexible but should be fulfilled by the early spring of 2024.(Required)
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