Category 2013

June 15 – Drop In Art Class

Get inspired by working with different mediums, subjects, and teaching artists at this new Roxbury Arts Group program. Beginning and experienced artists are welcomed.

June 17 – Art Start Academy

1:30 pm 76 MAIN! Free Led by Anne Gohorel, this monthly program brings families together as they work collaboratively on engaging art activities for newborns to four-year- olds and their adult companions.

June 29 – John Scarpulla & Friends

In the intimate setting of the Carriage House Theater, lyrical master John Scarpulla will share the stage with the singer/songwriters who have greatly impressed him while touring extensively throughout the northeast.

July 5 – Open Mic Jam

Emcees Kevin Prior and Mike Herman encourage musicians to take the stage, and community members to enjoy the sheer spontaneity of performances by some of our region’s most talented artists.