Program Director

Fiddlers! 29

Roxbury Arts Center 5025 Vega Mountain Road, Roxbury, NY

Join the fun for the 29th anniversary of FIDDLERS! When fall is in the air and summer green is changing to red and gold, enjoy the rhythms, rhymes and traditional down home strains of three award-winning fiddlin’ bands.  This year’s lineup of performers exemplify young professional musicians who champion the subtle historic traditions of Celtic, bluegrass and country and sometimes add a contemporary twist to their styles: Corner House Band, originating in Boston, Nashville-based George Jackson and Rachel Baiman, and Julian Pinelli, rooted in southern Appalachian music, performing with Ethan Setiawan and Dan Klingsberg.  The evening comes to a close…

Treehouse Shakers present “Hatched”

Roxbury Arts Center 5025 Vega Mountain Road, Roxbury, NY

Treehouse Shakers return to Roxbury with Hatched, a performance created for the child in us all.  Treehouse Shakers was named for the wonders of nature, the power of imagination and the excitement of performance art.  The treehouse, like the theater, is a sacred space where imagination is the most potent currency and stories are the roots of the world.  Written and directed by Mara McEwin, Hatched depicts the original performance of a newborn chick emerging from her shell at sunrise to a strange and busy world.  Created for the youngest of audience members --0-6 -- as an introduction into the…