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The Bold and the Beautiful

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March 29, 2023 @ 9:00 am 2:00 pm

66 Main Street
Stamford, NY 12167 United States

This two-person exhibition will feature handwoven tapestries by Tabitha Gilmore-Barnes and handmade rugs and wall hangings by Liza Oesterle. Come explore the bold colors and imagery created by these two local artists.

The show will be on display through Saturday, May 6th.

About the Artists:

Tabitha Gilmore-Barnes

Since 1980, I have been selling handwoven textiles for the wardrobe and home for Tabitha Gilmore-Barnes Studio under the tag line “BRING HOME THE COLORS OF THE CATSKILLS” ™. However, 2016-2017 marks my transition to weaving tapestries (‘drawing in wool’) and participation in regional and local exhibits. 

These tapestries are inspired by two sources: studio views of the Catskills here in Delaware County, NY, and Scripture words and images. The Catskills inspired tapestries highlight the open skies of towering cumulus clouds, the ranges of seasonal colors seen in the garden, and local streams. The Biblically inspired tapestries focus on key words, woven in the calligraphic Hebrew alphabet, or Latin and Greek; the symbolic colors and imagery aim to encourage and reinforce the viewer’s understanding of Scripture. Color is an important component in these tapestries, hence I handle dyeing and spinning locally accessed wool to provide variety in coloring and yarn thickness.

 I attended SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology as an evening student in the Textile & Surface Design Program during the mid 1970s. In the early 1990s I took a tapestry workshop at the Center for Tapestry Arts (now defunct) in New York City, and completed my B.S. Art Education at SUNY New Paltz in 1995. Upon joining the American Tapestry Alliance in 2017, I expanded my tapestry weaving skills through ATA’s Mentor Program with Margaret Jones and online classes with Rebecca Mezoff.

For Gallery Photos, detailed Resume, and scheduling a Studio Visit, go to:  https:.//tabithagilmore-barnesstudio.com


American Tapestry Alliance, since 2017

AMR Artists, Inc, since 2012

Catskill Mountain Artisans Guild, 2007-2022

Catskilled Crafters, since 2018

Liza Oesterle

Liza Oesterle grew up in Stamford and recently moved back to the village with her husband and young son in August of 2022. After graduating from SCS in 1997, Liza attended the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University where she majored in Illustration. Liza lived in Brooklyn, San Francisco and Berlin, Germany before coming full-circle and moving back to Stamford to be closer to family. During that time away, Liza worked at the notorious Pearl Paint in NYC, she taught art at Berkeley Montessori School and Katherine Delmar Burke School in the Bay Area, had a stint as a tattoo artist, and also received her Early Childhood Education degree while in Berlin. She is the current program manager at Headwaters Arts Center and is happy to be providing quality art experiences in her hometown. 

Liza is a relative newcomer in the world of rug making, she began hand-tufting with a wooden punch needle about five years ago. Entirely self-taught, Liza has since expanded her repertoire and has lately been utilizing a tufting gun to produce larger scale works. Her influences draw from early Americana folk art and quilting, the Bauhaus movement and even 1970’s interior design. Her style features bold shapes and unique color combinations to create decorative and functional pieces of art. This is the first public exhibition to feature her rugs and wall-hangings. 

Instagram: @lucky.arrow.rugs

Open for commissions and/or collaborations. Email: liza.oesterle@gmail.com

For more info about this show, please call 607.214.6040 or email headwaters@roxburyartsgroup.org