April 1 – Black Influence on the Arts

Art Care Packages available for pick up or shipping February 11 – April 1.

Click the link below to purchase your Art Care Package containing four art projects plus everything you need to complete them: paint, crayons, pencil, glue, papers and more. Your kit comes with stories, instructions and supplies – plus a whole bunch of additional information and videos here on this page!

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Welcome to our little hub of information to be used alongside the Black Influence on the Arts: Art Care Packages. Here you’ll find some videos and images that go hand in hand with the projects in your kits. Let’s get to it!


Alma Woodsey Thomas

“View of a Spring Nursery” Ms. Thomas said that the flowers in her garden inspired this piece.

“The Eclipse” Can you see the sun hiding in this one?
















A video about Alma Woodsey Thomas.





Gerard Williams, “Wake Up” 

Do you see the word “dig” all over this piece? Did you know the word dig meant to like something in the late 1960’s? For example: I dig music! What words do we use today to mean we like something? 


Wadsworth Jarrell, “Untitled”

How about the words “heritage” and “serve” in this piece? Do you see any others? How about another image besides the words? Look closely…

A great short video about AfriCOBRA to check out before you being your art project: 



“The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats

“The Snowy Day” is one of the very first children’s picture books to have a Black main character. Have fun watching “The Snowy Day” in the video below! It will help you with the craft project that goes along with the book. There’s a cool video just below the story that can help you with your project.

The story:


The craft demonstration:




The Blues

In your box you will have received some history on blues music and also a coloring sheet with a bunch of blues instruments on it. We invite you to listen to the blues playlist below while you color the poster. Remember, how does the music make you feel? Does it inspire any certain colors?

The Blues Playlist:


Some History of the Blues: