October 23: Heidi Latsky Dance presents SOLO FLIGHT X 3

at the Roxbury Arts Center
the Roxbury Community Food Bank
and Liberal Arts Roxbury
performance at 3:00p
followed by a conversation with the artists at 4:00p
at the Roxbury Arts Center

Heidi Latsky’s SOLO FLIGHT is a series of installations comprised of movement portraits in the form of film, holograms and live performance. Reflecting our collective experience of dealing with the isolation we have faced dealing with COVID-19, SOLO FLIGHT X 3 is an iteration where three dancers perform a series of physically demanding rituals separately in different venues – the Roxbury Arts Center located at 5025 Vega Mountain Road, the Roxbury Community Food Bank located at 53698 Main Street, and Liberal Arts Roxbury Gallery located on the corner of Main and Bridge Street.  

Debuted in July 2021 at Rashid Johnson’s RED STAGE in Astor Place, NYC, the performers’ 50-minute silent journey tests their endurance and reveals their vulnerability and strength.

Latsky is thrilled to bring this new iteration of SOLO FLIGHT to The Roxbury Art Group, featuring veteran HLD dancers Meredith Fages, Jillian Hollis and Donald Lee. 

The performances will be followed by a dialogue with the artists at the Roxbury Arts Center beginning at 4p.

This event is free. Indoor attendance will be restricted to guests who are vaccinated against COVID-19 or have proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of entering the premises.

Heidi Latsky Dance disrupts space, dismantles normal, and redefines beauty and virtuosity through innovative performance and discourse. Dedicated to reflecting the true diverse nature of the world we live in, HLD brings rigorous, passionate, and thought-provoking work to broad audiences.