Workshop Proposals for Teaching Artists


The Roxbury Arts Group offers creative workshops in many disciplines and ability levels. We welcome ideas from creatives who would like to share their talents in the Catskills region. There are two main areas of creative education that we focus on:CROP Teaching ArtistProgram is closed due to COVID-19. Currently accepting proposals for reopening.

The Creating Rural Opportunities Program (CROP) is an after-school program for children. The Roxbury Arts Group places Teaching Artists into the CROP program to lead one-hour creative sessions. The one hour is generally 45 minutes of teaching time with the remainder dedicated to set-up and clean-up. This can include (and is not limited to) fine art, crafting, music, literature, and dance. Students are generally elementary age and Teaching Artists will know the ages of their group prior to the workshop. This is a contracted/paid opportunity for a limited number of sessions each semester. Currently, the Roxbury Arts Group provides CROP services to Andes, Roxbury, Margaretville, Stamford, South Kortright, Charlotte Valley, Jefferson, Gilboa, Windham-Ashland-Jewett, and Hunter-Tannersville.


Teaching Artist –

The Arts Group regularly offers workshops relating to the pillars of our programming: Visual Art, Music, Dance, Literature and Theater. Teaching Artists develop programs based on their particular creative skill. Some workshops are one-day long while others run for a full weekend or week… and some even take place monthly and continue for years! Teaching Artists are contracted for their workshops. The Arts Group manages all registration, facilitation and marketing. 


We continually accept workshop proposals and will reach out should the program proposal that appear to fit the mission, schedule and facilitation capabilities of the Roxbury Arts Group. Click the link below to share your creative ideas with us!

Workshop Proposal Form