October 10 – November 17: Dialogue(s): New Works by Sinejan Buchina & Elaine Grandy

Artist Reception: Saturday, October 10, 4-6p
at the Roxbury Arts Center
5025 Vega Mountain Road
Roxbury, NY 12474
COVID-19 protocols below

“Dialogue(s)” explore the challenging use of unusual materials in unorthodox ways by experimenting with how paper, fabric, pigments and other materials change when exposed to natural processes like rust, weather and time. Sinejan and Elaine have their own individual approaches yet there is a dialogue between their work – an exchange of ideas that speak to their mutual concepts.

Sinejan Buchina uses topographic and political mapping to investigate her focus on issues of borders and displacement. In her work, she reconstructs the borders of unrecognized countries, de facto states, and contested regions. Buchina questions the location, both geographical and conceptual, of the boundaries that shape and define identity. How can a nation be both a place that exists in a physical sense but be politically invisible? How does one define belonging to a country that does not have a postal system or currency, but a language, deep oral history and indigenous traditions? Using painting as her dominant medium, she also employs installation, photography and video into her work, and combines traditional and contemporary materials. Exploring the dichotomy between abstract mapping composition, Buchina collects and utilizes the sentimental objects from these regions both organic and synthetic; rusted metal, live plants, and found objects and combines them with acrylic, ink, pastel and graphite.

Elaine Grandy, somewhat recently, became fascinated with how materials change when exposed to water, pigment, time and weather. She became fascinated with how nature has her way. Her process is to submerge paper and/or fabric on trays (some rusted) in the out of doors or a bathtub. There they soak in water with a reduction of natural items such as goldenrod, black walnuts, beets, onion skins, herbs and leaves. Depending upon how they respond to each other, the results are quite serendipitous. There is a unique conversation between form, shape and color. A metamorphosis occurs creating unusual patterns and moods, often of darkness, given the times we are living in. Yet out of this darkness Elaine still sees a beauty, a stillness, and a hope.

“During a time when there were many barriers to connecting, these two artists worked separately in their studios, and yet together in their creativity, to curate this exhibit in which they hope the viewers will continue to engage with,” says Jenny Rosenzweig, Executive Director of the Roxbury Arts Group.

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  • Masks are mandatory. There will be no exceptions. We will have masks on site should you forget yours.
  • Only 50 people will be permitted to gather in the Hilt & Stella Kelly Hall at one time throughout the Opening.
  • During the Opening, only 8 people at one time will be allowed into the Walt Meade Gallery.
  • Images of exhibited works will be projected in the Hall to help support conversations between attendees.
  • Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized before the event. Clorox wipes will be available in each restroom for individual use throughout the event.
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  • If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a private viewing, please contact the office at info@roxburyartsgroup.org or 607.326.7908