Poems Inspired by the Works of Lucille Clifton

born in a bed of good lessons

                                            Cheryl Clarke, Workshop Teaching Poet
Lucille Clifton, Poet

From July through September a diverse group of 16 people participated in a workshop studying the work of poet Lucille Clifton . The program was led by Cheryl Clarke who is the co-owner Bleinheim Hill Books in Hobart, NY, a long time professor of literature and a published poet. Like many programs across the world, this workshop was held on Zoom. It hosted participants from Hobart to L.A. to Atlanta. As the workshop was nearing a close, an additional session was added by request of the attendees. Cheryl asked that the participants write their own poems in the style of Lucille Clifton. Below are the collective works and bios of the “Cliftonites” – as the group began referring to themselves.


*an erasure of poet KevinYoung’s foreword to the collection Jazz Poems