November 11 – Treehouse Shakers presents Olive & Pearl

Treehouse Shakers presents Olive & Pearl
Saturday, November 11, 2p
at the Roxbury Arts Center
5025 Vega Mountain Road
Roxbury NY
Sponsored by Blue Spark Creative Services

A performance created for the child in us all. Treehouse Shakers was named for the wonders of nature, the power of imagination and the excitement of dance. The treehouse, like the theater, is a sacred space where imagination is the most potent currency and stories are the roots of the world.

This visionary theater company brings Olive & Pearl to the Roxbury Arts Center, a production specifically created for the very young child, ages 2-5. Centered on thematic elements of home, it is the story of a young girl, Olive, who is lovingly being raised by her Granny, Pearl. Intimately staged, audiences sit within Olive & Pearl’s home, which is made out of a dome of soft felts, crocheted squares, and colorful fabrics. Metaphors of home are woven throughout the set and story; there is a robins’ nest above the window, a mouse’s hole, and a fish in its bowl. Home is not only the structure of one’s house, but the place one longs for, like the magic, glowing moon, to feel safety, love and warmth. Magical, visual, stimulating, and oftentimes funny, Olive & Pearl is a supportive performance first for the very young.


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Advance ticket sales for this performance has ended. All tickets purchased on the day of performance are $15 for Adult/Student/Senior, and $5 for 8 & Under.