Dear Friend of the Roxbury Arts Group,

The Roxbury Arts Group’s future depends on us. Of course, the organization uses and cultivates the resources of  local granting foundations and government agencies for funding. But it is we, the community members that benefit from the offerings and programs that Roxbury Arts Group offers, who must be responsible for the consistent flow of support.

Given that we strive to offer varied programming that interests audiences diverse in age, interests and socio-economic status, we also ask in different ways for support. Some give of their time, of abilities to cook, bake, design , move chairs, show up for events, or simply being a voice encouraging others to engage with RAG.

At this gifting time of year we are asking for your financial support in order that this arts organization thrives and can continue to be able to offer the programming and activities that please and serve you and your family. You can make your tax-deductible donation today using the form below, mailing your contribution to the Roxbury Arts Group (PO Box 93, Roxbury NY 12474), or by calling our Administrative Office at 607.326.7908.

Thank you for your consideration,





Elaine Grandy
Board President

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You can also mail your contribution to Roxbury Arts Group, PO Box 93, Roxbury, NY 12474, or make a contribution by phone by calling our office at 607.326.7908. Thank you for your support! All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.