August 23- Art in the Park: Different Perspectives

Art in the Park: Different Perspectives
Wednesday, August 23, 10 AM
at the Kirkside Park Barns
Roxbury, NY 

Join us the Roxbury Arts Group on Wednesday, August 23 at 10AM in the Kirkside Park Barns with your young artists to learn about the works of cubist artist, Pablo Picasso and surrealist, Salvadore Dali. Both of these famous artists created unique images and looked at the world in ways that no one had before. This week at Art in the Park, children ages 3 & up can learn about the methods of these two artists and apply them in their own unique ways!


This event is free. All materials will be provided. No registration necessary. If you have any questions please contact the Roxbury Arts Group at 607.326.7908.